Shampoo bar - your next new hair crush

Why I Love My Shampoo Bar

What to do when the silicone-filled shampoo bottles are so last season, but are you not really ready to try the whole no poo thing? Then you're most likely going to love a shampoo bar! I really think shampoo bars are a heaven sent to us eco bellas who do not want to compromise on comfort and convenience. I have myself tried out quite a few shampoo bars, so I decided to share a few tips and so much praise on shampoo bars!


There are as many types of shampoo bars as there are other shampoo products: you'll find your version for blond hair, dry hair, dandruff and curly hair just to name a few. You'll find shampoo bars with honey, tea tree or tumeric and scented in so many variants. But be aware, there are also shampoo bars with chemicals such as sulphates, so check out the ingredients before you buy.

My current favorite is a shampoo bar made by a Finnish company Flow Cosmetics. Their products are 100% natural and very popular here up North. I noticed recently that my heavy hair needs effective cleansing and I knew that clay-based products are good for my hair type. Did you know that some eco girls even use pure clay to wash their hair - go those warrior princesses! As I do tend to go for more refined products I asked  my favorite organic products store for anything clay-based. To my surprise they took out a tea tree shampoo bar which also had clay - yay!

What's so great about a shampoo bar?

  • A shampoo bar combines ecology and convenience, you just gotta love it!
  • With shampoo bar you do not even necessarily need conditioner, I ditched mine and now only use coconut oil or other natural care products.
  • Less waste: no plastic bottles, but the packaging is a recyclable carton piece
  • When flying you can take the shampoo bar the the cabin because hey, that's not a liquid!
  • I was able to extend my hair washing frequency with a shampoo bar and I now only wash my hair once a week
Curly hair washed with a shampoo bar and then straightened.

Curly hair washed with a shampoo bar and then straightened.

Naturally curly hair washed with a shampoo bar.

Naturally curly hair washed with a shampoo bar.

Lessons learned with a shampoo bar

I have tried four or five different types of shampoo bars from three different brands. At first my hair got a little bit waxy, something a lot of people will experience at first, but I think I chose a product that was for the wrong hair type. One tip is to deep cleanse before starting with a shampoo bar. Try for example a subtle mix of water, baking soda and rinse with a mix of water and apple cider winegar. 

Otherwise I have completely fallen in love with shampoo bars and will continue using them for sure. I am just wainting to see more scents and mixes from more brands!