African Black Soap - Why You Should Try It Today!

African black soap is the hidden skin care secret and here's why

I first got to know african black soap at a travel show (of all palces!). I found this stand full of natural skin and hair care products, all made by hand. I started to talk to the boutique owner, Edem Agbekey-Taylor, who had made her way from Ghana to the cold Finland and then founded Inkuto, her shop full of natural products. Most of her products were made either in Finland from African ingredients or in Ghana, where she of course had contacts. From her I bought my firstAfrican black soap that Edem promised to polish off even acne.


African black soap comes in many colors

Don't be surprised if your African black soap is not as black as you'd think. In many cases carbon soap is much darker and if your black soap is super black you might think it has some coloring in it. My African black soap from Ghana is brown stuff. The color comes from the ingredients of black soap: cold-pressed coconut oil and ashes, which comes either from the burning of plantain crusts or cocoa beans. So pretty basic ingredients for a soap, but I do not know if they throw a pinch of magic in, because black soap is a wildly versatile product.

Black soap for acne and make up removal

I use African black soap to wash off my make up in the evenings. My hubby, though has had acne since he was a teen. And we're not talking about few break outs, we're talking about a severe skin problem that has left his face and upper back skin somewhat scarred. The acne has now calmed down, but at times he gets these bad break outs. So Edem, whom I met at the travel fair and who had all these wonderful products said that my husband should try African black soap for his acne. And I have to say the thing seems to work. My husband skin care regime is pretty much simple as this: Scrub with black soap in the evenings and then moisturize with ozonated olive oil. I swear his skin is brighter and less damaged now.

I know some people even wash their hair with african black soap. This one time I had bought a bottle of liquid black soap and I was out of my regular natural shampoo. So I decided to give it a go and washed my hair with black soap. It was a good wash and the result did not differ that much from my regular shampoo, but I didn't keep with it, since I love how my regular shampoo smells.

Why try African black soap

+ African black soap is often made by hand (check your suppliers process), in small batches, so the quality is good.
+ Black soap is gentle, it is recommended for babies and the elderly, for example
+ At the same time, however, black soap is effective and does wonders for people with acne
+ The price! One piece costs 6-7 euros in the EU and arond the same in dollars (and lasts as long as the normal make up remover, but I think 100% natural product is a better choice at this price)